The Imperial Electors

When the time comes for a new Emperor to be chosen, it is the duty and legal obligation of the nine Great Lords of Virarctul to gather within the Hall of The Imperial Deliberative and take upon the exercise of electing the next Emperor of Virarctul. It is a demanding task, even when the choices seem clear, and on more than one occasion deadlocks have threatened to escalate into all out civil war. The process has remained essentially unchanged since Jarmoff I was chosen as the First Emperor. Millennia of pomp and circumstance have added to the length and pageantry of the process but not necessarily its basic mechanics.

The Nine

The nine Great Lords, known also as “The Electorate” or simply “The Nine,” are the descendants and successors of the leaders of the nine great political and military alliances that existed at the end of the Age of Strife. While some minor reorganization has occurred over the centuries, the Nine themselves in terms of political office have remained in their original locations since the Empire’s founding. In terms of geographic locations, the Nine are as follows:

  • Majycis
  • Coriatica
  • Manchabium
  • Tyrardur
  • Espavor
  • Romyrica
  • Danagya
  • Obica
  • Senzartas

The Imperial Electors

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