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The Empire Trembles…

Emperor Larsem VII died six months ago and the Empire of Virarctul is beginning to unravel. The Imperial Deliberative, the body of electors charged with ensuring the elevation of a new Emperor, has dissolved amid acrimonious debate and bitter rivalry. Minor nobles scheme to seize lands and power as greater nobles seek to preserve the Empire according to their own vision. Mercenary armies are swelling in ranks as knightly orders and criminal gangs begin to mobilize. The Sixth Electoral Wars are about to begin, and nobody is going to get out of it unscathed.

As armies take the field and diplomats try to forge new alliances, there are disturbing questions being asked, and no satisfactory answers being given. How did the Emperor die? Why are the Great Lords so deeply set against each other? These and more are passing through mercenary barracks and civilian taverns, and each day they grow louder.

The entire continent of Virarctul is about to erupt in a war that will reforge the Empire, or might signal its total destruction.

Home Page

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